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More facts:

Optimozg is an online marketing agency deeply focused on PPC Online Marketing (more traffic) and Website Conversion Rate Optimization (more leads/sales). We don’t do SEO, Website Design, Blog posting etc. we very deeply focus on Online Marketing, that’s why we are great at the craft.



Prizewinner of Google Adwords Award the best EU display campaign 2016




Core competencies (Just 2):

1. PPC Online marketing:


2. To be successful in PPC we need to generate sales, the second core competence is Website Conversion Rate Optimization:

Other services:

Our Clients:


40+ years joint experience

At least 3 years for each specialist

14 innovative tools

We develop and use our own tools

48 Google Certifications

At least 3 certificates for each specialist

We guarantee a positive ROI

Reach the goal or return 100% payment

Geography of our clients

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