About Optimozg

A few facts about  OPTIMOZG

  • Marketing agency
  • Founded in 2011
  • Always ROI-oriented (return-on-investment) and Net Profit is our major goal
  • Total marketing budget is $500k/mo
  • Narrowly and Deeply focused experts
  • Recognized expertise and over 40 certificates

More facts:

Optimozg is an online marketing agency deeply focused on PPC Online Marketing (more traffic) and Website Conversion Rate Optimization (more leads/sales). We don’t do SEO, Website Design, Blog posting etc. we very deeply focus on Online Marketing, that’s why we are great at the craft.


Prizewinner of Google Adwords Award the best EU display campaign 2016

Google Premier PartnerGoogle Analytics Technology PartnerFacebookBing Partner


  • Profit and ROI first. We believe that all results can be measured in $$$
  • Quality and only Quality. No cutting edges. Good communication
  • Narrow focusing as key to success. Be the best in a narrow niche is the motto of our experts
  • Discover and be the first. Use tested but always try new. Be on the crest of the wave, be faster than the others
  • Competitors is a huge source of growth. Analyze them!
  • Always test. Market knows what’s better, never rely on feeling
  • Track everything. You can’t manage it until you measure it
  • Make a plan and meet Deadline. Plan before you go, no mess/chaos. And be on time with the results
  • Respect client’s time. Bi-weekly reporting, Don’t annoy the client with obvious things

Core competencies (Just 2):

1. PPC Online marketing:

  • PPC Research and Audits
  • Creating PPC marketing strategy plans
  • ROI-oriented PPC optimization
  • PPC tools, reportings, automated API solutions, Adwords scripts
  • We work with all popular PPC platforms: Adwords, Facebook ads, Bing ads, Doubleclick, Ceriteo, ADroll etc
    and with all ad types: Search ads, Video ads, Display ads, Remarketing (Dynamic Remarketing), Shopping/Product ads, Native ads, Mobile ads, Canvas ads, Leads ads, Mobile App ads etc.

2. To be successful in PPC we need to generate sales, the second core competence is Website Conversion Rate Optimization:

  • Conv. rate optimization (Online marketing Research and Audits, customer journey analyzing, A/B Testing, usability optimization)
  • Advanced tracking (ecommerce tracking, sales funnel tracking, offline sales/call tracking, google tag manager set up)
  • Analytics-related automation tools, scripts, integrations with all types of 3rd services and CRM’s
  • Advanced reporting (ROI/net profit/LTV reporting, reports visualization, API integrations and solutions)

Other services:

  • Consulting
  • Strategy designing
  • External audits
  • Competitors analysis

Our Clients:

  • Well-known B2B and B2C businesses
  • 70% ecommerce (retail, clothes, jewelry, flowers/gifts, health & beauty)
  • 30% services (software, SAAS, real estate, finance, healthy/beauty, trainings)
  • Non profit organizations
40+ years joint experience

40+ years joint experience

At least 3 years for each specialist
14 innovative tools

14 innovative tools

We develop and use our own tools
48 Google Certifications

48 Google Certifications

At least 3 certificates for each specialist
We guarantee a positive ROI

We guarantee a positive ROI

Reach the goal or return 100% payment

Geography of our clients

World Map
  • 8 countries
  • 29 cities
  • 57 clients
  • >100000 conversions

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