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Google Analytics Setup

Now that you’ve got Google Analytics running on your website and collecting all that important data, it’s time to tweak some settings to answer the question we had in the beginning – how does a visitor become a paying customer and then a loyal client?

There are only 2 steps you need to go through to make sure you’re getting valid data.


This is necessary for correct visitor tracking to separate real visits from (often unintended) visits from your team, robots and other sources that might distort your data.


Goals are the actions made by site visitors you deem important – e.g., clicking on certain buttons, creating an account, subscribing, or making a purchase. Once you get the full picture, you will be able to experiment with these metrics and grow (or, in some cases, decrease) them.

Goals can also help you to see the path a visitor takes to reach a certain goal. Once you know it, you can optimize the path and make it easier for visitors to reach the goals designated by you.

To find out whether you have Google Analytics goals configured on your website, simply complete the form below. It’s free and the results will be shown in an instance.

For those of you who are willing to do it all themselves, we’ve prepared a quick, step-by-step guide to help you set up Google Analytics and configure goals on your website.

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Have you made the basic settings for Google Analytics?


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