Analytics & Tracking Setup for Sales Funnels


  • Analytics & tracking setup

    Analytics & tracking setup

    Enabling and configuring Google Analytics on your website allows us to receive reliable data on the number of visitors, pageviews, bounce rate (people who left your website after having viewed just one page), time spent on page, and more.
  • Sales funnel / goal tracking

    Sales funnel / goal tracking

    Sales funnels help us understand the path of a visitor – from the landing page to the actual purchase. Setting up goals (e.g., “a click on the Subscribe button”) gives you the chance to see how many visitors actually become your customers.
  • Call tracking

    Call tracking

    We track the calls of your clients to understand how they found you and what influenced their decision to make a purchase from you. Understanding the motivation of your clients is the key to any marketing strategy.
  • Heat map tracking (click map, mouse move, etc.)

    Heat map tracking (click map, mouse move, etc.)

    It’s somewhat spying on your visitors, albeit completely legal. By enabling heat map tracking, we can see how your visitors behave on certain pages of your website, what buttons they click more, how they scroll pages, and more.
  • Comprehensive tracking setup

    Comprehensive tracking setup

    Clicking on an ad does not necessarily mean buying – a person could just take a glance at your website and leave, and then come back in a month from a completely different source and finally make a purchase. It may sound unbelievable but we can actually track these things.
  • API integration with third party tools

    API integration with third party tools

    Besides Google Analytics, there’s plenty of other tools you could use to track data and various metrics on your website. We integrate these tools with analytics seamlessly and let you get whole picture in single place.
40+ years joint experience

40+ years joint experience

At least 3 years for each specialist
14 innovative tools

14 innovative tools

We develop and use our own tools
48 Google Certifications

48 Google Certifications

At least 3 certificates for each specialist
We guarantee a positive ROI

We guarantee a positive ROI

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